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Hello! I'm Christie. I'm a designer with a focus on graphics, packaging, product development, and food.

Currently, I am supporting Katja Gruijters Food Design studio in the Netherlands as I complete my Masters degree in Food Design & Innovation from SPD in Milan, Italy.  At SPD, I've studied and explored the agriculture system, food service design, food science, wine and food culture, food marketing and communication, new food experience formats for future markets and restaurants, food objects for PepsiCo, food tools under Studio Stefano Giovannoni, food packaging solutions for COOP (the largest Italian supermarket chain) and new approaches to food tourism for the town of Montferrat in Italy.

Originally from Baltimore, with previous work experience in Washington D.C. and Philadelphia, I have a heavy heart for the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S.

I am available for freelance projects.